Higher Specialist Training in Cardiology

"Higher Specialist Training (HST) aims to create leaders - doctors who excel in their field, are capable of independent practice and are able to manage the challenges they face as a specialist in the health service " (RCPI Website)

HST in Cardiology provides structured supervised clinical training at Specialist Registrar (SpR) level.  It is suitable for doctors who have successfully completed Basic Specialist Training and have achieved the post graduate qualification of MRCPI or equivalent.  

Entry to HST is competitive and applications are accepted annually.

Cardiology SpR's rotate through pre-arranged hospital posts every year.  In addition there are opportunities for developing a sub-specialty interest or arranging out of programme experience in research or clinical appointments overseas.

It takes approximately six years to complete the HST in Cardiology; the duration of training might be extended due to research or overseas clinical appointments.

In additional to supervised clinical training HST consists of complementary courses that help trainees develop the management and analytical skills needed to provide excellent care.


Formal assessments take place each year from April - June.  These are organised by the RCPI - the date and time of which is arranged by one of the senior administrators.

A panel assesses each SpR against curriculum requirements and previous assessments where appropriate.

Types of Assessment:

End of Year (EYA)

This asessment takes place in years 1-4.

Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA)

This assessment takes place before the final year of HST.  

Final Year Assessment (TYA)

This assessment takes place during the last year of HST.  The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether training is complete.

Further Information:

To read the curriculum for the HST in cardiology click here.

For further information on HST programmes visit www.rcpi.ie