About the Irish Board for Training in Cardiovascular Medicine

The IBCTM works to support the programme for Higher Specialist Training (HST) in Cardiology in Ireland which is run by the Royal College of Physicans of Ireland (RCPI). Its primary purpose is to support SpR's during their time on the training programme.  It contributes to the maintenance of high training standards and best practice, and also plays a role in the future planning of cardiology as a profession.

The IBTCM liaises with all relevant stakeholders in HST training. This involves working with the RCPI, SpR's, Trainers, Hospital Management, Government bodies and other interested parties.

The strucuture of the IBTCM is as follows:


National Specialty Directors:   

 Dr. James Crowley                                                                      
Prof. Brendan McAdam                      

Directors of Training 

Dr. Ross Murphy (Secretary)
Dr. Gavin Blake
Dr. Peter Kearney
Dr. Brendan Meaney
Prof. Jim O' Neill
Dr. Richard Sheahan
Dr. Martin Quinn

  • Approved Trainers in Ten Accredited Hospital Training Sites.